Beltane Thanks

Thank you to everyone who came to our Beltane event with Swansea Pagan Moot! We were blessed with wonderful weather in an enchanting location, cheerful community, much food and fire, and - of course - Swansea's particular brand of chaotic May Pole dancing...!   Thomas and Olivia were also Handfasted in the presence of community members, friends, landvaettir, ancestors, and the Gods. Thank you for being a part of it all!

Beltane Celebration, Camping (& Handfasting) May 2022

On the 7th May 2022 we are hosting a moot Beltane celebration in a private wood near the Gower! This will involve a Beltane ceremony and camping for those who wish to stay the night. The Beltane ceremony will have heathen elements blended in with folk traditions (i.e. a May Pole). There will also be a Handfasting ceremony held between two of our community members, which will take place a short while after the Beltane ceremony. Beltane attendees aren't obliged to stay for this, but are welcome. For the purpose of safety, we won't advertise the location here, but please get in touch via the comment form at the bottom of this blog if you're interested, or apply to join the Swansea Pagan Moot FaceBook page. Information for the Beltane ceremony & location: There are several people who need to car-share - so please ask around! The event might not be suitable for young children, but please ask the organisers if you're unsure. There is shelter in case of rain, and multiple

Norse Anti-Racism 101

Norse Anti-Racism 101 online class with Lux Heljadottir.  The live event is between 12:00-2:00AM on the 8th September, however the recording link will be available to ticket holders for 30 days after, meaning you can catch up when it suits you. Tickets at $20 and can be booked here .

Lammas Feast August 2021

LAMMAS FEAST - 1st August 2021 This is open to members of the Swansea Pagan Moot. If you would like to join us, please get in touch and we will share the details with you. We will be able to social distance outside, though please only attend if you have been vaccinated*. For people's safety, and owing to Covid-19 rules, we will be meeting outdoors; for this reason, the location may not be as accessible as we would like. If you have any concerns please let us know! Disabled parking will be available nearby. Under 16's are welcome with a guardian. Please be aware that some attendees may be responsibly consuming alcohol. A note on Covid safety considerations As we will be outside we shouldn't need masks, though we do ask that people try to space out where possible. You can get free lateral flow tests the day before to check that you're relatively safe to socialise - order these in advance (or pick them up locally):

2018-2019 Blots

Freyja Kindred Blot 2018 Eostre Kindred & Moot Blot 2019  Beltane Kindred Blot 2019 Online Kindred & Moot Blot 2020

Norse Camp 2015

In May 2015 the Swansea University Pagan Society (with Swansea Pagan Moot) and Cardiff University Pagan Society collaborated in hosting a Norse camping weekend. You can watch a video diary here .


Welcome to the Swyn Weavers Kindred! We are an inclusive Heathen community based in South-Wales (UK), though we also operate online and may host events further afield. Our group purpose is to foster frith and community with individuals who identify as Heathens or with the Northern traditions (i.e Norse Paganism, Asatru, Vanatru, Rokkatru, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Trolldom etc.) - and those who are interested in learning more. We want to provide opportunities for conversation, ceremony, pagan education, and connection to the ancestors and deities, which are not always accessible in many post-Christian societies. Our group is non-hierarchical and we aim to take it in turns to lead events and blots. Some of our members have had training in certain contemporary Pagan traditions, though none have yet been recognised by the community as fulfilling the role of gyðja, go ði, or völva. We firmly advocate for Inclusive Heathenry , valuing and inviting the involvement of all people, i